Sontay has been selected to supply its advance smart building control solutions to an exciting refurbishment of an educational facility in Leeds. This strategic partnership aims to create a comfortable, healthy, and inspiring learning environment for students, empowering them to unlock their full potential. 

The Leeds Mathematics School (LMaS) is a unique sixth-form school that offers a specialised curriculum to talented students with a passion for mathematics. The school is situated in an iconic building at the heart of Leeds, which has been a vital part of the city’s architecture for nearly a century. The ongoing refurbishment aims to modernise the building and equip it with state-of-the-art facilities, providing the next generation of mathematicians with a world-class learning experience.  

Creating a healthy and comfortable learning environment is vital for students to fully maximise the opportunities available in school. To achieve this, Linear Control Systems Ltd specified a range of Sontay’s smart sensors on behalf of main contractors, Morgan Sindall and HE Barnes. The installation commenced in May 2023 and is set to be completed by September 2023. 

As part of the project, 54 Modbus Temperature and CO2 Smart Space Sensors from Sontay were installed to monitor CO2 levels throughout the school and facilitate individual Variable Air Volumes (VAV), thereby increasing the amount of fresh air filtered into the space. Additionally, the temperature options were required to control the heater batteries in each room through the radiator circuits.  Sontay Smart Sensors allow for the actual measurement data to be communicated over Modbus in real time, providing accurate, reliable and essential data.

To seamlessly integrate the new system with the Building Management System (BMS), Linear engaged on a significant overhaul of the existing network was necessary, switching from hardwired analogue signals to networked smart protocol, Modbus.  Due to the high compatibility of Sontay’s innovative smart products, the client opted for them with full confidence in their quality and workability. Furthermore, the smart building measures have been designed to accommodate future capacity on the network, should a need arise for additional sensors from Sontay. 

With Sontay’s smart building control solutions and Linear’s expertise in BMS, Leeds Mathematics School will be equipped with an innovative and future-proof system that ensures a healthy and comfortable learning environment for its students. Sontay is proud to play a part in this exciting refurbishment and to support the next generation of mathematicians in their pursuit of knowledge and excellence.