Sontay, a market leader in providing sensing and peripheral devices that are vital in any building controls application has provided its technical expertise and innovative products to devise a wireless sensor solution to align a building extension to a shopping centre in Sydney.   

Richmond Marketplace is a well-established shopping centre located northwest of Sydney city centre. All shops are conveniently located over one level, with over 55 speciality shops, and plenty of fresh food and drink offerings. Community is part of the ethos of the centre, offering play spaces for children, busking initiatives for local musicians and a community book exchange. Sontay client ControlStore were approached to assess the appropriateness of a wireless sensor solution for Richmond Marketplace, that would align current buildings with new extensions. 

The project involved a mechanical upgrade of systems that ran concurrently with the Building Management System (BMS) upgrades. ControlStore specified Sontay's system SonNet along with nine temperature sensors, four routers and one BACnet receiver to communicate data straight into the BMS as BACnet objects. Sontay provided ongoing technical support and conducted an on-site survey with the Systems Integrator and Mechanical Contractor. Due to Sontay’s market-leading knowledge, they were able to adhere to strict criteria drawings produced by ControlStore. 

As a result, Richmond Marketplace had a successful extension that integrated seamlessly. The system remains stable, reliable and operational, and any occupant can now enjoy optimum comfort and wellbeing whilst shopping in the centre.