Vauxhall Ellesmere Port, a renowned automotive manufacturing facility, recently turned to Arcade UK for its expertise in controlling optimum environments. Arcade is one of the leading HVAC and process cooling specialists, with over 50+ years’ experience of providing heating and cooling design and installation services. Arcade UK selected Sontay’s innovative SORA (Sontay Open Range Application) wireless sensing solution to address the challenges of monitoring its Air Handling Units (AHUs) and facility temperatures. SORA was able to provide Vauxhall with a wireless solution that was environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and future-proof, which was successfully installed by Arcade UK. 
The project at Vauxhall Ellesmere provided a notable challenge, as the manufacturing robotics at Vauxhall’s facility had already been installed, leaving no room for additional cable runs. Traditional wired monitoring solutions would have required thousands of metres of cable, and a time-consuming endeavour that would have disrupted operations, meaning the client required a more efficient and adaptable solution. 
Fortunately, Sontay’s SORA, a wireless monitoring and control system, was the perfect answer to Vauxhall’s challenge. The SORA system allowed for remote monitoring of the AHUs and facility temperatures without the need for extensive cabling. This significantly reduced material consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice, and an easier installation for the installers, Arcade UK. 
The existing controllers in the plant had limited capacity to monitor and manage temperature fluctuations effectively. SORA’s wireless hub enabled remote monitoring, providing real-time data to the operators, who could then make necessary adjustments to the AHUs physically. This combination of technology and manual control improved the efficiency of the facility’s environmental management. 
One of the key advantages of the SORA system is its adaptability. In a dynamic manufacturing environment like Vauxhall Ellesmere Port, where layouts and requirements can change frequently, SORA offers a future-proof solution. If the facility’s configuration evolves, new sensors can be added or relocated without any downtime. This adaptability ensures that Vauxhall can meet its monitoring needs without making significant investments in new infrastructure. 
Sontay’s wireless sensors played a vital role during the commissioning of the AHUs. They helped identify teething problems promptly, enabling quick resolution. This proactive approach to issue detection improved the overall reliability and performance of the AHUs. 
Arcade UK’s installation of Sontay’s SORA system at Vauxhall Ellesmere Port has not only addressed its immediate monitoring needs but also provided an adaptable and environmentally friendly solution. The ability to save on cables, have enhanced control, and also have the capacity to address future changes without downtime make SORA a game-changing solution that has positioned Vauxhall Ellesmere for a more efficient and sustainable future.