Last month Sontay launched its Featured Partner campaign, an idea designed to platform and celebrate the partners we work with on a day-to-day basis. As a business that places emphasis on the people that we employ and work with, we are excited to be introducing you to and giving insight into our partners. We featured Western Automation Southampton in April and are glad to be shining light on Acsys Control, a partner based in the Middle East.

Acsys Control has been delivering excellence in the control systems industry in UAE for the past 25 years. It is a leading integrator and parts partner in the region, and offers a diverse portfolio of products essential to its sector.

Q: What is Acsys Control known for?

A: Quality is evident in everything that we do and we have built a customer base that is continually happy with the service we provide. We are known for our fast delivery, low competitive pricing and aftersales support. Customers enjoy using our products and we never let them down.

Q: Why do you like working with Sontay?

A: A working relationship has to be strong. Our relationship with Sontay is built on trust and quality. Sontay also offers a fast delivery which is highly important for us and our customers. Products will typically arrive to us in the UAE within seven days, which is great for getting kit to the ME.

We stock six main lines of Sontay products including pressure sensors, air quality, temperature, light level and occupancy sensors. Acsys Control has been stocking the sensors for over 10 years and we really believe Sontay’s products tick all the boxes.

Q: What is your favourite thing about Sontay?

A: People and products! Sontay gives a great service – the products are of high quality and they are never unavailable. For a partner, this is perfect!

Q: The building controls industry is progressing rapidly. What is the industry’s future?

A: The advent of smart technology has caused the industry to evolve. There’s lots of competition in the industry right now, mainly because the introduction of IT is bringing more players into the industry. It’s definitely an exciting time!