Lizzy Bailey is our new marketing executive. Responsible for creating marketing collateral, website content as well as the management and administration of Sontay’s Academy courses, Lizzy is part of the team at the centre of Sontay’s marketing effort. In this Q&A, we find out more about Lizzy and what her new role at Sontay will entail.

Q: Why did you want to work at Sontay? 

A: Initially the varied job description attracted me to apply for the role. Then when I came in for my interview, I got such a warm welcome and a sense that Sontay would be a great place to work. Everyone is really friendly, great at what they do and all work together as one team. This is exactly what I wanted from my next job. 

Q: Which aspect of the role are you most excited to start? 

A: I’m very excited to get involved in the launch of the new website. I’ve managed websites in the past and been involved in their development, so I’m looking forward to being a part of the project. 

Q: How do you feel about working in the construction/HVAC industry? 

A: This will be my first time working in this industry. I’m excited to learn and do more courses to really understand our products and customers. I’ve probably seen the products before in shopping centres, but I’d never realised the important job they were doing.

Q: What do you like to read/listen to/watch? 

A: I love listening to podcasts on health and fitness and learning about the human body. A couple of podcasts I’ve been listening to lately are The Muscle Mentors and Give it the Beanz. I do like watching a good drama and I’m also a fan of Gogglebox which always makes me laugh!

Q: Who is your hero? 

A: I would say my Mum. She’s a strong independent woman who I really look up to and I know will always be there for me.  

Q: What’s your perfect weekend? 

A: My perfect weekend would consist of riding my horse, a long country walk, a pub lunch and if the weather permits, a day at the beach. Oh, and a trip to the gym somewhere in between. 

Q: When are you in your happy place? 

A: When I’m out in nature and the sun is shining. 

Q: What is your favourite type of holiday? Sun, snow or something completely different?

A: My favourite type of holiday would definitely include lots of sun, but it would need to be adventurous too. Something like backpacking across India for a few weeks. 

Q: Which five guests would you invite to a dinner party? Dead or alive? 

A: I’d love to invite the cast from Friends, that’s if I can have an extra guest. 

Q: If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 

A: Australia on a ranch because it’s beautiful and has lots of sunshine. 

Bonus Question - Tell us an interesting fact about yourself! 

A: I used to be a police officer.