Here at Sontay, we are committed to nurturing the talents of tomorrow. Our graduate sales manager roles are just one example of how invested we are in developing the skills of newcome workers who go on to have successful careers at our company. Our recent graduate sales manager recruit is Chris Carson, who joined Sontay this month and will be looking after our Irish market. In this Q&A, we find out more about Chris and what excites him about beginning a career at Sontay.

Q: Why did you want to work at Sontay?


A: I know everyone says this but it’s definitely the people! Everyone was so welcoming when I met them, and it feels like a great bunch of people to be a part of and work for.


I was also really taken with the opportunities that this job can provide – especially the chance to travel around Ireland!


Q: Which aspect of the role are you most excited to start?


A: Getting out and meeting customers on the job. Covid has obviously impacted the amount of face-to-face contact lately, but with restrictions all but gone, I am looking forward to meeting new people and travelling with the job.


Q: What attracts you to the HVAC industry?


A: I came from a financial services firm to join Sontay so it’s a completely new industry for me. However, everyone has been offering their assistance since I joined so that has been very helpful during the first few weeks.


Q: Now for a few fun, quickfire questions! What do you like to read/listen to/watch?


Q: I prefer listening to music than watching TV unless there are sports on! Music would definitely be my preference; I like all sorts of genres and my music library has a wide range of music. Techno would be my favourite.


Q: What’s your perfect weekend?


A: My perfect weekend would be football with my team on a Saturday, then out socialising with my mates on a Saturday night. To end the weekend, there’s nothing better than heading out with my family for a Sunday dinner.  


Q: What is your favourite type of holiday? Sun, snow or something completely different…


A: Definitely a sunny one! I love the warm weather and being by the beach or pool. But if I had to live anywhere, it would be New York or somewhere in Australia.


Q: Who is your hero?


A: Tough question – I have never really thought about that before. My parents are the people I look up to a lot, as it would be for most people. I’m actually in my happy place when I am around my family and friends, living in the moment.