As a business Sontay is going from strength to strength and is delighted to have appointed Alessandro Cirillo as our new Europe South Sales Manager. Drawing on his extensive experience in selling construction materials internationally, Alessandro is a brilliant addition to our growing team, and will be responsible for driving sales and developing opportunities in south Europe. In this Q&A we find out more about Alessandro and chat about what excites him about joining Sontay.  

Q: Why did you want to work at Sontay?

A: I have worked for several years in the construction industry, promoting construction and plant machinery internationally. When the position for the Spanish and Italian markets became available at Sontay, I was attracted to the fact that Sontay has led innovation in the HVAC industry for over 45 years, and that I could use my language skills to help Sontay thrive in South Europe.
Q: Which aspect of the role are you most excited to start?

A: I love technology and finding out how things work, plus I have always liked solutions that make the environment healthier. Last but not least, I enjoy translating technical documents. In general, this industry is relatively new to me, so it is a great opportunity to expand my knowledge on the HVAC sector.
Q: What attracts you to the HVAC industry?

A: It is a huge market that continues to grow at a strong pace. The direct interaction with the customers we serve on an everyday basis makes this opportunity a very interesting one.
Q: Now for a few fun, quickfire questions! What do you like to read/listen to/watch?

A: I love reading novels but also marketing books. I listen to all genres of music from rock, blues, jazz and reggae. I have an extensive collection of music in physical and digital format. I love crime series – Line of Duty was a masterpiece! I also like independent international films; Argentinian and Spanish films are my favourites.
Q: Who is your hero?
A: I don't have a particular person as a reference, I like the game-changing individuals and disruptive innovators.
Q: What’s your perfect weekend?

A: If I am at home, I love cooking recipes from around the world. When I am out and about, I spend my time discovering country pubs in my area (I love Sunday roasts) with my wife and my classic motorcycle or going to the cinema.

Q: What five guests would you invite to a dinner party? Dead or alive…

A: My wife, William Shakespeare, David Bowie, Stephen Hawking and David Attenborough.
Q: Bonus question… Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

A: I am a globetrotter, I was born in Italy, lived in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and now back to the UK for good!