So how did I get into Construction? Initially I worked for a logistics company managing their ecommerce website and running social media and email marketing campaigns. I worked closely with the sales team because there were more than 1000 products to market. I decided I wanted a change and as a keen fitness fanatic I decided to qualify as a personal trainer. Working in a gym was fun and I did enjoy working with clients, but I missed the structure that an office-based position gave me. I also missed working in a team, being creative and being part of a community where you can bounce ideas off one another, so when I saw the advert for this role, I decided to investigate.

I researched Sontay and I was impressed that there were a large number of people who had worked for the company over many years. I also liked how they clearly invested in their staff (Continued Professional Development is important to me), and that staff had managed to follow various career paths within the company. I felt that Sontay would be a good company to work for. I was lucky enough to be successful in my application, so here I am, working as a Marketing Executive in construction.  

This is my first job in construction, and I admit, I am finding it fascinating. There is a lot to learn; it has been a steep learning curve from the beginning. The team at Sontay have supported me and I have already been on a number of Building Controls Industry Association’s (BCIA) training courses which has really helped me fully understand Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), and the vital role building controls play in the operational efficiency buildings. I had no idea that when I walked into a building that it was being monitored by hundreds of sensors designed to help my thermal comfort levels and ensure that the air I was breathing was of an acceptable quality. I find it incredible to think that all this was happening and I didn’t have a clue. Until now of course!

Before I started this job, construction to me was all about the actual process of building a residential house or commercial building, I didn’t appreciate that it also encompassed everything that goes into a building once that building is finished, the smart building side of construction, the monitoring of temperature, humidity, and air particles etc.

Everything we manufacture at Sontay plays such an important role in keeping people safe and comfortable. I am excited to be part of this because we need to make buildings more energy efficient and sensors are going to be a big part of helping buildings be more sustainable. Smart buildings are the future and to be able to be part of this is thrilling. Sontay is developing new products which I will be involved in bringing to the market that will continue to revolutionise the way buildings are operated.

More immediately I am looking forward to bringing training back into the classroom as part of my role at Sontay. As an official BCIA training partner, Sontay runs BCM01-06 courses. I now manage all the BCIA courses, and as part of this I have been looking at venues that allow people to access courses outside of our immediate catchment area. Virtual learning has been extremely important during the Pandemic, but I am excited to be bringing people back together into a classroom setting for a great learning experience.

Sontay is also redesigning its website, so I am looking at all the content to make sure it supports our customers in their purchasing and ordering decisions. As you can tell, the marketing team at Sontay are busy ensuring that we keep everyone up to date with our latest products, training courses and industry news. So, watch this space.