Sontay is proud to be a people-oriented business. As well as centring the health and wellbeing of its staff, Sontay places huge focus on assuring its relationships with each distributor is nothing but positive. It is why the smart sensor supplier has started its featured distributor series, to draw attention to who the distributors are and why they like working with Sontay.

The very first distributor that Sontay will be featuring is Western Automation Southampton, a UK-wide seller of HVAC, electrical and process controls and automation. Brendan Hackett, Profit Centre Manager at Western Automation Southampton, gives insight into being a Sontay distributor.

“Western Automation is a technical sales and distribution company of all major branded HVAC control products, electrical control and panel building products and energy control solutions,” begins Brendan. “When our customers work with us, they expect competitive pricing and technical knowledge wrapped up in a fantastic service.” 

Sontay can testify to this expectation, and has worked with Western Automation Southampton for over 20 years to great success. Brendan continues, “We stock over 150 different lines of Sontay products, which is worth around £50k at the moment. Due to the variety of the stock profile we hold, delivery is generally next day.”

“Sontay’s products prove time and again to be popular with our customers. They are cost-effective and reliable. There is always such a huge variety of BMS peripherals to choose from.”
Brendan Hackett Profit Centre Manager Western Automation Southampton

Brendan explains there are many reasons as to why Sontay is a great supplier to work with. “Not only does Sontay offer an excellent service, the company has a good stock holding and catalogue, and gives accurate delivery dates. The team also goes above and beyond in many respects; offering notable support to distribution partners and ensuring the sales team continually perform at their best. It is a pleasure to work with Sontay.” 

With the rise of smart buildings and automation, the demand for products that enable these two things will inevitably grow, as Brendan highlights. “In the very near future I envisage that building management systems will move towards IoT (Internet of Things). The intelligence will grow and there will be a separate demand for app-based software. However, there will still be a need for peripherals. To meet the high demand, products will always be necessary. Thankfully, we have a reliable and versatile supplier in the form of Sontay to ensure we keep delivering the right solutions to the industry.” 

Western Automation Southampton is a longstanding distributor of Sontay’s products, as UK Sales Manager Phil Berry explains. “At Western Automation Southampton every single team member is extremely professional. They know their products inside out and seem to have projects on the go all the time. I must give a special mention to Nick Shawyer who is in contact with me at least three to four times a week with projects.”

“It really is a pleasure to work with them and I can’t wait for what our working relationship has in store next!” continues Phil. 

Together, Sontay and Western Automation Southampton work collaboratively to assure the industry is equipped with the right solutions that make UK buildings perform and operate well into the future. Sontay recognises it is privileged to work with the likes of Western Automation Southampton and looks forward to another 20 years of positivity and success.