Article 1 - Organising Company and Representative

Sontay, incorporated in the UK, whose head office is located at Four Elms Road, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6AB, United Kingdom (hereinafter called the "Organising Company") is holding a free competition with no purchase obligation from 11th February 2022 to 15th February 2022 at midnight inclusive (hereinafter the "Competition Dates" - confirmed by connection time and date British time) called (hereinafter, the "Competition"). The closing date for the Competition may be postponed if required by the organisation of the Competition.

The following rules (hereinafter the "Rules") set out the rights and obligations of the Organising Company and of all eligible persons properly entered into the Competition under the conditions described below (hereinafter jointly, the "Contestants").

Article 2 - Competition Period

Phase 1: Competition dates are from 11th February to 15th February

Phase 2: All applicable entries will win a prize and notification of the winners (the "Winner") will be by comment, direct message on social media, or email within 7 days of closing date.

Phase 3: The Organising Company will provide prizes via post directly to competition winners.

Article 3 - Contestants

Participation in the Competition is free with no purchase required. It is open to all natural persons on the date of entry, and residing in the United Kingdom & Ireland.

The employees and representatives of the Organising Company, and all persons involved in the organisation and implementation of the Competition, as well as their family members, are not permitted to enter the Competition.

Contestants participate in the Competition using the Sontay social media platforms. This means that all Contestants must have an internet connection, an e-mail address and valid social media accounts.

Participation in the Competition is strictly personal.

Article 4: Entering the Competition

4.1 Competition organisation

The Competition will be announced on the Organising Company's social media platforms (hereinafter the "Page") via a post which will explain the mechanics of the Competition.

To enter, Contestants must follow rules on the competition post on social media. Only entries containing technological inventions will be deemed valid.

The Organising Company may communicate about the Competition offline and on the internet.

Taking part in the Competition implies full acceptance of the complete Rules.

All incomplete entries, any entries that are inaccurate, falsified, misleading, non-compliant with the Rules or received before and/or after the Competition Dates will be deemed null and void and will result in the elimination of the Contestant. Entries submitted by e-mail or post will also be rejected.

Article 5: Winner Selection

Organising Company will inform the Winners via social media or e-mail.

Article 6 - Additional Information

All expenses related to the internet connection required to enter the Competition are to be borne by the Contestant.

The Organising Company declines all responsibility in the event of a technical failure of any kind whatsoever limiting Contestant access to the internet including, but not limited to, the following: a malfunction or inadequate functioning of technical equipment, computers, telephone lines, cables, electronics, software or receiving equipment, internet flows and website access, or connections to the internet, the social media site or the Page.

The Organising Company reserves the right to review the behaviour of Contestants which is deemed to be "abnormal", which does not comply with the Rules or which is deceitful, and to immediately proceed with disqualification of their Competition entries in order to prevent the use of automatic scripts, macros or other automated systems. The discovery, or a simple suspicion raised by an audit, of the use of automatic entry generation systems (by cyclical or uniform entries occurring over time clearly indicating that the Competition entry activity is abnormal given that it is inconsistent with the normal behaviour of a person using the internet which is characterised by alternating moments of inactivity and moments of high traffic during which entries are received, or by the generation of large numbers of entries simultaneously) may result in the disqualification of an entry with no prior notice.

Article 7 – Intellectual Property

7.1.      Right of use

Contestants, regardless if they are the Winner or not, authorise the Organising Company to publish their name for the purposes of the Competition, during the entire Competition period and after the end of the Competition, on any of the Organising Company's websites and on the Page.


7.2        Rights to the image of persons and property reproduced in the Photos and/or Videos

Where applicable, Contestants must confirm that they have received the express consent of the natural persons appearing in the Photo and the agreement of the holders of the rights of tangible and/or intangible assets appearing in the Photo for public dissemination and assume full responsibility for publication vis-à-vis these third parties. In this respect, the Organising Company cannot be held liable for any infringement of image rights and property rights and/or of the privacy of third parties with respect to the Photo. Contestants guarantee the Organising Company against all detrimental consequences potentially arising from failure to meet this obligation.

Contestants must provide the Organising Company with any evidence required to prove that the authorisations in the preceding paragraph have been duly received.

The Contestant gives permission to the Organising Company to use the entry image in all future advertising, on their social channels and on their website.

7.3.      Guarantees

Contestants confirm that they hold the intellectual property rights required for their Photo for entry into the Competition.

Contestants therefore guarantee to the Organising Company that their Photo is not (i) a forgery of any other document, photo or video belonging to a third party and/or (ii) an infringement of the personal rights of the persons who may appear in the Photo.

Contestants must themselves address any legal actions instigated by third parties (including previous authors, co-authors and/or employees) claiming any intellectual property rights whatsoever over the Photo.

7.4.      Intellectual property rights to the Page

The Organising Company and its partners and subcontractors hold the intellectual property rights to the Page and all of its component parts. Neither access to the Page nor participation in the Competition grant Contestants any intellectual property rights to the Page, the Competition or any of their component parts.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce, represent, change, transmit, publish or adapt, in any medium whatsoever and by any means whatsoever, or to profit in any way whatsoever from any of the component parts of the Competition without the prior written consent of the Organising Company and/or of its partners.

Article 8 - Reasons for Exclusion from the Competition

The Organising Company will inspect the Photos on a daily basis to check their content. They can be disqualified from the Competition if they are found to contain Prohibited Content or are in violation of the Rules.

The Organising Company reserves the right to suspend or disqualify Contestants in the event of proven or suspected violations of the Rules, notably in cases of fraud and/or of actual or attempted corruption of the Competition mechanism without prejudice to any damages it may be entitled to claim. Entries will also be excluded if their image entry does not meet health and safety rules.

Article 9 - Prize Awarded (hereinafter the "Prize")

If the Winner accepts the Prize, they will be awarded the prize that is listed on the post that they entered on.

The Prize is non-refundable or returnable. 

The Prize is personal. It cannot be sold, given or transferred to one or more third parties. It may not give rise to any claims, be exchanged for its cash value, or otherwise exchanged or replaced.

To receive their Prize, the Winner must provide the Organising Company and/or the Partner with proof of their identity and address upon request.

Once the prize is given to the winner the Organising Company is not responsible for maintenance or use of the prize by the Winner.

Article 10 - Agreement on Evidence

It is agreed that the data contained in the Organising Company's information systems have probative value with respect to the connection data and the information resulting from any data processing for the Competition.

Article 11 - Personal Data

The personal data collected for the Competition are processed by the Organising Company in accordance with English law.

Processing of the information enables the Organising Company to manage Contestant participation in the Competition and, notably, to inform them if they are the Winner.

Contestants should note that their personal data may be provided to the Organising Company's service providers and, notably, to the Partner for the purposes of Competition implementation and execution of all related services.

All Contestants are entitled to access, correct and delete any of their personal data and can oppose processing of their personal data for the purposes of commercial prospection, or for any other legitimate reason. Contestants may exercise the above mentioned rights by sending a letter to the Organising Company at the following address:

Four Elms Road, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6AB, England

Article 12 - Liability

12.1 Organising Company liability

The responsibility of the Organising Company is strictly limited to delivering the Prize effectively and duly won by the Winners.

The Prize is managed by the Organising Company, sole supplier of the Prize.

The Organising Company cannot guarantee that the Page or Competition are free of anomalies, errors or bugs.

Similarly, the Organising Company cannot be held responsible for any development defects, malfunctions or incompatibilities with other computer programmes installed on the hard drive of the Contestant's computer following their participation in the Competition.

The Organising Company will do its utmost to ensure access to the Competition at all times without, however, being under any obligation to do so. The Organising Company may suspend access to the Page and/or the Competition at any time, notably for technical reasons, updates or maintenance. The Organising Company cannot be held responsible for these interruptions or their consequences.

It is understood that any social media platform cannot, under any circumstances, be considered a sponsor and/or organiser of the Competition and cannot be held liable for any claims regarding the organisation of, participation in, or implementation of the Competition.

12.2 Contestant liability

It is expressly agreed that Contestants are solely responsible for ensuring that the information they provide at the time of entry for the Competition, is accurate and truthful and that it will enable them to take part in the Competition and, if applicable, receive the Prize if they are one of the Winners.

Entering the Competition implies taking a fair attitude, in compliance with the Rules. 

The Organising Company reserves the right to disqualify, without prior notice, and/or to refuse to award the Prize to any Contestant who has not complied with the Rules, without prejudice to taking further legal action before the competent courts.

If is strictly forbidden to change or attempt to change the mechanics of the Competition by any means whatsoever by any automated or unfair means. Should it appear that a Contestant has won a Prize in violation of the Rules, by either proven or suspected fraudulent means, such as an automated search or the use of an algorithm, or by means other than those resulting from the process described in the Rules, the registration form and the Page, the Prize will not be awarded and will remain the property of the Organising Company without prejudice to any potential legal action which may be taken against the Contestant by the Organising Company or third parties.