Since the situation with coronavirus has continued to escalate, the Sontay support teams have been getting used to remote working from home.  We thought we’d share a bit of an insight into how our teams are setup at home in such extraordinary and sometimes amusing circumstances. 

The teams are keeping up the conversation and communicating with each other through various tools available and we have an online board where we can post good news, happy stories, or just anecdotes to make us smile.  There are some great pictures of the team getting up to their daily exercise in walking and riding bikes, beautiful views from when we could still get out a bit, some celebration at being able to find toilet roll in a shop and one of the team realising they had spent the morning working whilst wearing toy handcuffs that had been placed by their young child before work began that day.  We are all getting an insight into each other’s lives and homes that we had never had before so though it would be interesting to set up a gallery of the team and their home setup.

This has shown us that there is always some light to be found in the most darkest of circumstance and we will continue to share all that makes us human with each other.  Perhaps, we will even carry on once life gets back to normal again.  There definitely has to be some good that comes out of our experience now.

The team are still working hard behind the scenes dealing with customer queries and strategies to build on for our return.  There is a lot we can do to prepare for when the world gets back to normal again and we are doing all we can to come back stronger than ever.