Who we are…

Sontay is a market leader providing sensing and peripheral devices that are vital in any building controls application to provide essential data. 

We are offering the ultimate service experience and love to be able to help and support

Our team are experts in their field, and we pride ourselves in offering the ultimate service experience and love nothing better than to be able to help and support our customers in their projects.

We have been manufacturing our products for over 45 years at our factory in Edenbridge, Kent.  

Our family ethos ensures that the team really care about our customers and products and everything in between. They put all their effort into ensuring our service and parts are the ultimate solution for the needs of our customers.

Our Mission

Sontay’s mission is to create healthier and more energy efficient buildings that support businesses, help people and protect the planet. We provide solutions that improve the indoor environment, reduce energy consumption and put sustainability at the heart of innovation.

What we do…

Sontay is the leading independent manufacturer of Building Management System (BMS) peripherals in the UK with a rapidly growing presence around the globe. 

Our Sensors support the creation of comfortable, energy efficient & healthy buildings

We work with system integrators, OEM’s, Facilities Managers and end users to deliver sensors that support the creation of comfortable, energy efficient & healthy buildings.  We have a proven track record and reputation for innovation, integrity and quality.

Ever wondered how indoor environments are controlled?
When you are staying in a hotel or at the shopping centre, there is an intelligent building management system measuring and controlling things like temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.  This maintains occupancy comfort levels and also conserves energy by monitoring occupancy and light levels and switching off heating or air conditioning when optimum levels are met.

Sontay design and manufacture the sensing devices that feed the data to the building management systems to create a Smart Building. With our strong ethics in customer service, we are renowned in the industry for excellence in this field.

If our customers need to measure something related to HVAC, we can help.

We deliver sensors that measure RH, temperature, CO2, pressure, air quality… the list goes on. Our products are compatible with most building management systems and use industry standard values or protocols.  Whether our customers are working on a brand-new project or looking at a replacement, we are there for them every step of the way.

Sontay continues to grow and are proud to be different from what you will find in the market place:

  • We are privately owned and have a real family feel to our business

  • We continue to be at the forefront of our industry, training 100s of engineers and supporting the BCIA

  • Our sales coverage is truly unrivalled: We are there for our customers when they need us and we deliver what we have agreed to

  • When customers place an order with us, one person will own it from start to finish

  • We ALWAYS acknowledge orders and customers will ALWAYS be kept informed if anything changes

  • Our technical support with their expert detailed knowledge and personal touch are second to none

Sontay’s History

Sontay's way throughout the years

Sontay is…

Sontay is more than an excellent and modern HAVAC supplier: 

 Our People  /  Our Products  /  Our Applications  /  Our Worldwide Projects

The Sontay Difference

Sontay pride themselves on their people and customer service. Some recent market research highlighted what makes Sontay stand out from their competitors, why their customers buy from them and what makes them the market leader in the building controls and BEMS sector.  

Here’s what our customers say…

Our People…

The company has a lively and friendly atmosphere and nurtures an environment of pro-active self-starters who are able to come up with ideas and offer suggestions.  This leads to a proven track record for professional development with many team members having been in the company for 10 years or more and risen through the ranks. These employees have shown dedication and team work whilst having grown their knowledge and skills to hold essential senior positions within the business.

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