The Sontay team is delighted to announce its whole team is back, after its regional and global sales team were on furlough during the cataclysmic first few months of Covid-19.

To comply with social distancing and assure everyone’s safety, Sontay’s sales team have been unable to meet with clients across the world since the scale of the pandemic worsened around March/April of this year. Business has still been booming throughout this period, with sales teams rotating off and on furlough to ensure the company gives the same energy to its loyal customers.

Now the team is back, Sontay is identifying novel ways to meet with its customers; from Zoom meetings to customer workshops and face-to-face, socially-distanced meetings in public areas such as cafes. By minimising human contact, Sontay is ensuring people’s health remains a priority.

It’s safe to say that Sontay has adapted, with new and exciting opportunities on the horizon. As part of its product development Sontay is holding customer workshops to ascertain what its clients need and how Sontay may deliver it. Sontay is taking a holistic approach to the way its customers interact with the company, to make sure it offers the very best from all angles.

Speaking on this news, Stacey Lucas, Commercial & Marketing Director at Sontay, says: “There has been a real appreciation for what we are doing, and our customers are welcoming the fact we are bringing on board their feedback.”

“One of the areas which Sontay hopes to drive forward by conducting these workshops is product development,” Stacey continues. “The greater focus on health and wellbeing as a direct result of the pandemic means there is now a demand for products within the realms of CO2 monitoring and air quality, so it will be interesting to see how this pans-out going forward.”

“This is why it is great to have the Sontay sales team back on the road to bring these developments to fruition. We are delighted to regain our coverage, in order for us to continue to offer the same level of expertise and service we are renowned for.”